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2014 Theme: No Excuses!
December focus: Be Fearless

Success is for those who are unafraid to accept it.

Success is as much a belief as it is a result. Success requires a stronger belief in the desired result than in the fear of losing what one currently possesses to achieve the desired result. The fear of loss and failure pale in comparison to the fear of success. Surveys suggest more people are afraid of public speaking than of death. Why? Because public speaking requires the audience to believe in you – which requires you to be a success. Death only requires that you once lived. Conviction produces life that sheds fear. Fears are the weeds in the garden of success. Wherever you find it, choke it out immediately and keep a vigilant watch on any of them, less they spread. There is no other possibility that you overcame astronomical odds to be born in this moment purposefully to succeed. No one is born to fail. Once you accept this, you will begin to be fearless in finding your success.

Young Black Professionals (YBPSM) was established in January of 2008 as a means of closing the gaps of success within our professional community.

...a few of the benefits our members enjoy:

Complete access to the entire site (blogs, news, videos, chat, events, and much more)!
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This is only the beginning. YBP seeks to change the lifestyle perception of our generation and those to come!
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