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10 Things Every Young Professional Should Have
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10 things every young professional should have
10 Things you need to take care of immediately if you haven't already. Enjoy!
10 Things Every Young Professional Should Have

10 Things you need to take care of immediately if you haven't already.
by Dawun Al-Islam
September 20, 2012 

1.  Get tested for STDs and know your HIV status

Let’s face it. Today’s creed seems to be live hard and die young, and unfortunately that’s exactly what’s happening to far too many of us before we even get a chance to really live. Knowing your status is only the beginning. Protect it after you know it and if you find out early you’ve got the best chance and most options for living the best life possible.
* can help with this.

2.  Review your credit report and score
We’re at the point in our lives where we’re buying houses, getting better jobs and getting married. All of which may require a thorough review of what’s on your credit report and your score. The more acquainted you are with this information getting it to where you’d like is not as difficult as you may think.
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3.  Get a passport
You never know when you may want to travel abroad; for study, work, pleasure, or grievance. It’s always a good idea to become a global young professional, and what better way to prove it than with a passport? You owe it to yourself to explore this great earth we live in.
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4.  Know your blood type

There may be a time when you may need to give blood for a loved one or even receive it for yourself and in a more unfortunate case…determining rights of parenthood. In any case navigating through uneasy times can be made smoother with this little piece of information.

5.  Register to vote
Your vote is one of the crucial ways your voice can be made known. It’s one of the things in life where if you don’t use, you lose. If things don’t go your way, not voting makes you a part of that. If things do go your way, not voting makes you disconnected from that victory.
* can help with this.

6.  Get life insurance
There may be a few out there working on the fountain of youth formula, but until it becomes available the rest of us will need some life insurance. The younger and healthier you are the better your policy and payment. You can even use it as an investment tool if done the right way. Explore your options and see this not as the beginning of the end, but as a tool to your advantage.

7.  Write a will
In the case of departure we should show our appreciation for the life we’ve lived by passing on the good things to those we love and causes we believe in. No matter what, never let anyone or any stipulation take away what you’ve worked hard to attain. So plan ahead now where you want to pass things on to. Remember you can always adjust it later.
* can help with this.

 8.  Know your net worth
Opportunities are all around us and in us as well. When we see them we have to be aware of what we have to invest into them. We may discover something you want to go all in on but you should do this responsibly. Knowing your net worth will give you a snapshot of what you truly have to lose and how you can gain from an opportunity. And remember, your net worth goes beyond just what you see. Think and see if your name is co-signed on any documents that make you liable for a partner’s actions. If you are married, you and your partner may want to review your economics together in order to design a blueprint for your family.
*There are calculators you can google, or financial advisors that may provide a free review.

9.  Know your local political representative (city, county, and state)
At some point in time you may have something to say about the on-goings where you live. But do you know where to go and to whom to address your concern? Whether business or personal, knowing your local representative can help you push forward your life endeavors and make your locale a better place to live. They shop, too. They style their hair as well. You just may bump into them but if you don’t know it, you cannot begin building that important relationship.
* and can help with this.

10.  Have a stress reliever; a close friend, spirituality, meditate, therapist, family member, hobby, exercise, volunteer, etc.
This life is sure to give us a few set-backs along the way, but it’s not about how hard you get hit. It’s about your tenacity to push forward anyway. The best way to do this (and maintain your sanity) is to have and develop some form of stress relief. Whether a close friend, hobby, or spiritual time with your Creator, make sure you keep the blood pressure low and the energy within you high!

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