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Posted: 12/07/2010 11:04
[b]How to Turn Around the Black Female Image.[/b] This topic has been proposed for one of our radio shows and general forum discussion. This video [url][/url] along with these lyrics [url][/url] were sent to me to illustrate the lowliness of the Black female image. Although I am interested in what you have to say, let's hear more than talk. This is [i]your[/i] image! What are [i]you[/i] going to do to help set it right? What [i]are[/i] you doing? What [i]must[/i] be done? Ps, guys (men) we want to hear from you as well. :wink:
Posted: 12/08/2010 16:39
Greetings, So I briefly glanced at the video. The song is not "HOT" at all so that may be a reason for her uncovering herself. I don't agree with that behavior however I can understand why her music manager made that decision. Minister Hill you spoke about reinforcing certain beliefs in your children (male and female) to help better understand their self worth. I also think that it would be helpful to set up a certain type environment around them at home and abroad. The media has such a strong pull on the youth and unfortunately most adults as well. I think the best thing to give a young black female teen is positive examples of women who are not degrading themselves. If you have time please check out [url][/url]. The Host Dr. Ava Muhammad went in detail about this subject of the image of the black female and what we can do to change it. Peace :)
Posted: 12/08/2010 21:06
WoW!!! Just reading the lyrics I never really concentrated to the song when I heard it on the radio. It's really amazing on how a woman cannot be expressive sexually without demeaning herself. First, off, we all know there is a serious double standered for women and men in the music industry, in terms of being sexually liberated. But I do feel that when women try to express sex and relationships, they attack as if they are giving up their "prize jewels" rather than engaging in a mutual experience. I think that is definitely where the Black female image gets portrayed falsely-and it even makes a connotation towards how Black females were used as objects and sex mates from slavery. I am all for being romantically and sexually expressive, but not when it comes across as demeaning oneself (from both genders. But Unfortunately women have consider the way in which they express this because there is a fine line from being empowering/ and artfully expressive and just classless and demeaning. Thank You.
Posted: 12/15/2010 10:59
When you see a video like this that contains lyrics like this and several women advocates of this, it does make you wonder about what has happened to our image as women. I know that males have degraded women but these are women degrading themselves. In my position currently I do not advocate this nonsense and nothing close to it. But in order to make a difference we as men and women must stand up against videos such as this. By voicing our true concerns to the network and maybe even the artists themselves. These are not the images I want portrayed to my sons or my daughters. The first lady of my church always stresses to women young and old, " if you show it, you will share it", meaning dress is everything. We must dress as ladies and dress our little ladies as appropiately aged girls. We must stopped giving in to what the world says is appropiate. Not every top is meant to show clevage, if you have to lay down just to get in those jeans, maybe you shouldn't be wearing them. We must first respect ourselves and our daughters will then be taught how to respect themselves. There is nothing sexy about this video to me. The saying today is sex sells. Well if that's the case we should stop buying. We have the power to end these types of videos but we must speak up and stop being afraid to say that THIS IS WRONG! Not just women but men a like. If it's not something that you would have your daughter or wife do, this is someone's wife, sister, and daughter. Think about it! We need to place SEX back in the bedroom and with husband and wife, which is where it belongs. Many young girls that I encounter today don't know who they are as women. They have been taught to value what's between their legs over their brain power. The same goes for young men. Another good starting place is the family structure. We must place value back in two parent housholds. When both parents are present, the role model tend to come out of the household instead of off music videos. No one can teach a daughter to love herself more than a father. No one can teach a son how to respect women more than a mother. So let's start teaching marriage first then sex. Let's make single parent households the exception not the rule. Speak Up and Speak out! Angela I could just keep going, but I will stop there. Thanks for the forum Dawun!
Posted: 01/03/2011 12:25
I certainly think everyone has put good things to the table as parts to play in a universal solution. A part to play for self, relationships, groups or organizations, and one that mankind must take hold of to his fellow man. We are having a broadcast on this subject this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday with 2 excellent guests. I hope you all can tune in and join in the live conversation! On another note, it would be nice to see what the men think, because many times we have to fight past these mis-perceptions to get to the woman we know is out there for us. If any guys want to comment we are happy to hear what you have to say. Many times a strong, intelligent male voice is the very thing that's missing...
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